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I am a Maternity life style consultant. Supporting you on your journey from pregnancy to motherhood. Whether you have a home birth or hospital experience I offer compassionate continuous physical and emotional support.
Did you know that when you hire a Doula, it has been shown that it can reduce the use of interventions in childbirth and improves the overall experience?
I am a non-medical professional! I will give you information to make your own informed decisions. Giving you the tools to advocate for yourself.
I am a certified lactation counselor and can assist you before or after having your baby with the best ways to feed your baby that works for

I would be Honored to assist you with whatever you need to complete your baby journey!

Hi, thank you for visiting my site!  I can offer you my support if your thinking of becoming pregnant, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and into the fourth trimester.  I will give you physical, emotional and evidenced based information to take you from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy journey!  Let’s do this together!



Your are home with your newborn and you have so many questions, how much and how often should I feed my baby?  Does baby have the correct latch?  Is baby getting enough?  Am I enough?  Baby spits, sleeps too long, sleeps too little. Should I be pumping?  My nipples hurt!  My nipples are inverted!  My breasts are heavy, empty? How often should I change diapers?  Is baby cold? What should they wear?  What should Iwear? ...

Am I Enough?

What the heck is a Doula?


A non medical trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

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Pregnancy Doula


Prenatal visits are encouraged to get to know your vision for your birth,  I take the time to address your physical and emotional needs to ensure that your prenatal experience is one that you'll enjoy..  this a time to get to know each other and a time find out how you handle stress and pain in daily life.  I want to give you and your partner tools to work with to practice comfort measures.  We can go over you food , liquid intake and make suggestions to prepare your body to birth. I am available for birth support from the time you have contracted my services.  I will always find the best resources to help you make the best decisions for your birth. 

Labor and Birth Doula


We suggest that you call when you have started  labor and we can evaluate you plan .  Staying in the comfort of your own environment until you have progressed safely .  With the freedom to move around as needed, eat what and when  you like.  Relaxing in whatever way feels good for your body. The combination of support and comfort from your family and our team, is beneficial in facilitating your birth.

Postpartum Doula


If you choose me as your Doula and your goal is to breastfeed, I will stay after your birth to ensure that you are able to have your newborn baby latch. I will  assist with breastfeeding, and answer any questions you may have. All of these services can be provided to you in the comfort of your home If you choose a home birth   My goal is to stay connected with you after your birth to assure that you can express  Your birth experience.  One postpartum visit is included in all Doula packages.

I offer postpartum packages starting at a 4 hour minimum.

Mothering the Mother


Unfortunately not all clients do not  have  the support of their own mother’s . Whatever the circumstances are, I am available to comfort  and guide you with loving support.  I feel  so overwhelmed with respect for my clients, watching their strength and power as they bring life into this world!  The bond we share is immeasurable.

Miscarriage & Loss


To moms that have had to experience the loss of a pregnancy, I am very sorry!   It doesn’t matter if it’s been a few weeks or months, it was still your baby, sometimes we are unable to share, it’s hard to find an outlet.  I can be your sounding board and can help find you support and resources that can lead to your rainbow baby.
knowing the devastation  that comes from the loss of third trimester or still born baby is beyond our comprehension.

I will hold space for you and find you ways to cope and heal . I know how hard this road can be, but I want you to know that you can find strength and purpose afterwards. May you never have to take this road, but I will be behind you if you do!


Michelle E.

Hello! My name is Michelle and I’m writing to you regarding Debbie Sokolow’s doula services. My first labor was over seven years ago. My husband and I were confident that we knew what to expect when giving birth. We quickly learned we had no idea what it entailed! my husband was a nervous wreck, feeling so hopeless about how he could help. He didn’t feel he was able to be as supportive as he thought he would be because he was worried about so many things. I went into labor naturally and all of a sudden they told me they were giving me pitocin to “speed things up”. Well apparently that combined with the epidural could slow things down as well. Next thing I knew I was in for a 21 hour labor. I was pushing HARD for hours and we could not get him out. Eventually when the dr threatened c section I gave the ultimate push and got my baby out! Once we got home, my baby and I had so much trouble getting the breastfeeding going. I quickly had to get a lactation specialist over! Fast forward three children later and there’s a lot i would do differently. ?? Hiring Debbie as my doula made my labor and postpartum experience completely different. She was a support for me as well as my husband! She guided me through both labors,step by step, so that I could give birth in the way I felt comfortable in. She was able to provide me with positions and exercises so i didn’t have to push for hours on end. She was a constant guidance and had the loving support only a mother could give! She came by after delivery to check on the baby and I and she stayed to perfect our latch and even swaddling the baby! I just can’t recommend her more! Please email me if you have any hesitations at all!


Posted 10/22/2019


My husband and I were looking for an affordable doula to take part in the birth of our first child. We are so grateful we found Dolly through a recommendation. This awesome and professional woman went above and beyond the call of duty, never leaving my side for the entire 32 hours of my labor. I can honestly say if it weren't for her, I would have probably been coerced into having a c-section. She is amazing, caring, kind and just about the sweetest person I've ever met!

I cannot say enough good things about her, and would recommend her to anybody looking for great support during and after birth. We feel like she is part of our family and if we decide to have another child, I could not think of anyone better to assist than she.

Love you Dolly!!

Nick, Yo, & Aramis

Posted 10/22/2019

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